1 March 2019

The Goodison Egyptology Collection

The collection is named after Mrs Anne Goodison of Beech Lawn, Waterloo, Merseyside who collected the bulk of the objects. Little is known of Mrs Goodison (nee Padley) other than she married…

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14 February 2019

Pygmalion and Galatea – A story for Valentine’s Day

The story behind the painting of Pygmalion and Galatea by Ernest Normand Pygmalion worked so long and with such inspiration on the statue of Galatea, that it became more beautiful than any woman that…

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21 January 2019

College student Sam reviews a set of photographs that caught his eye whilst on placement

Sam who was on placement with us from Runshaw College has written a blog about a series of photographs on display in The Art of Noise exhibition. They were recently purchased by…

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6 December 2018

Behind the Scenes – Sculpture Collection

We are really lucky to be involved in a project with ArtUK who are working hard to digitise a percentage of sculptures held in collections around the UK and add them to…

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