21 March 2018

‘Piccadilly Circus Looking North’ – Randolf Schwabe

Randolph Schwabe, (1885 – 1948), was the son of a Manchester cotton merchant who had emigrated from Germany. He was educated at The Slade Art School after the family moved to London….

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27 February 2018

When the Tide Comes In – Update

Our next workshop for the ‘When the Tide Comes In’ project was all about storyboarding and thinking about the structure of the animation.We started off by looking at the space where the…

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25 January 2018

Bootle Artist Sydney Wright

We are delighted to announce that we have been given a fascinating group of studies for two paintings in our collection by long-forgotten Bootle resident artist Sydney Wright.

15 January 2018

Happy Museum

We are pleased to announce that The Atkinson has just become an affiliate of the Happy Museum, which exists to promote wellbeing and creating a more sustainable future.

7 December 2017

Print Collection

13 November 2017

When the Tide Comes in