20 February 2017

Volunteer Blog – Victorian & Edwardian Receipts

By: Caroline O’Shea & Helen Threlfall, Volunteers at The Atkinson What do a collection of Victorian and Edwardian household receipts from Southport, one of Britain’s first fire sprinkler systems, a tragic love…

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17 February 2017

Curator’s Blog – Rediscovering Our Collections

It’s been all change again since my last post. Sue Aigelsreiter’s show on The Landing has ended and we’ve put a very colourful show on of works by local artist Frank Barnes….

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15 February 2017

Book Launch: The Ince Blundell Collection of Classical Sculpture – Volume 3

By: Jo Chamberlain, Collections Development Officer A special event was held at The Atkinson on Saturday to mark the launch of the latest edition of the volumes relating to the Ince Blundell…

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6 February 2017

Ruby Cupid Jewellery

By: Anne-Louise, owner of Ruby Cupid Jewellery Before I started making jewellery I was a Buyer at Harrods and then moved to Liverpool as a Buyer for Littlewoods and Shop Direct. After…

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