Curator’s Blog – Rediscovering Our Collections

Curator’s Blog – Rediscovering Our Collections

Happy New Year! I hope everyone reading this had a lovely Christmas and New Year and are feeling nice and refreshed now. I had a really good break and spent lots of quality time with my three year old who was just super excited on Christmas Day!

Since my last post I’ve had some really interesting meetings about different projects that are currently in the pipe line including a Red Rum exhibition in the History Tent at Aintree Race Course during the Grand National. I’ve also had a really interesting meeting with colleagues across the Liverpool region at Liverpool University where we were discussing how our collections could link up as part of a larger project looking at Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths collections (STEM) and the links between us all. The meeting was held in one of the offices at Abercrombie Square, which is where I used to go for lectures when I was a student so it was a happy trip down memory lane for me!

This week has been a week of change as on Tuesday I and two of our fantastic volunteers took down the Malcolm Fryer and Ian Norris exhibition from The Landing and wrapped the works up ready for going back to the artists and then on Wednesday we hung new artworks up. The new exhibition on The Landing is work by a local artist, Sue Aigelsreiter, and is very striking. A lot of the work is of local scenes so hopefully the public will like it as much as I do and we will have a few sales. There is an exclusive buyer’s evening for this exhibition next Thursday (12 January) at 5.30pm so if you can make this evening then please do come along and meet the artist and view the work. I’ll be offering tours of our art store again as part of the evening so if you’ve ever wanted a peak behind the scenes then this is your chance!

Image of one of Sue’s works of Southport Arcades.

Nicola Euston

Museum Manager

Posted on 6 January 2017 under Museum

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