Flight Lieutenant Henry Falls-Hand – A Local Hero

Flight Lieutenant Henry Falls-Hand – A Local Hero

Local man Henry Falls Hand owned Nursery Products a fruit and vegetable shop based in Ainsdale. How many of his customers knew of the extraordinary life Henry had led?

Henry was an RAF Bomber Command navigator on a wireless operator who flew over 30 dangerous missions across Europe. The items that have been donated by his family tell their own story.

This kit would help the person if they landed behind enemy lines.


He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his bravery and his invaluable contribution to the war effort.

Medals Awarded

In later life, Henry was Chair of Probus and was involved with the British Legion. The family were very much involved with Little Theatre, with his wife being a member of the Garrick Theatre and the Little Theatre. They owned a charity shop in Southport with proceeds going toward the Little Theatre where Henry was Front of House Manager.

Persuaded by his family to write down his memories, Henry Fall Hands ended with this poignant message.

In 1948 I left active service in the RAF and went on Reserve. So, I came through the war against great odds to tell the tale. God grant that, one day, war will be just history.

Thank you to the Falls Hand Family for their donation. Many of the objects will be on display at The Atkinson in early 2020.

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