Curator’s Blog – Rediscovering Our Collections

Curator’s Blog – Rediscovering Our Collections

As ever it’s been a really busy couple of weeks since my last post. The new Landing gallery exhibition by Sue Aigelsreiter is up and it looks fantastic. If you haven’t seen it yet then I definitely recommend that you go and have a look and treat yourself to a beautiful painting to beat the January blues! The works look amazing in the space and as Sue uses really bold lines and colour they really stand out and look very different to what we have previously had on display.

Since my last post I’ve been working on a couple of different projects. One of the projects links to our natural history collection and I had a really good meeting with representatives from Lancashire Wildlife Trust last week about working with us to catalogue our collection and help identify the different species of birds that we have and provide additional information about them. Lancashire Wildlife Trust is also going to partner with us on another project using the collections to explore ideas around successful ageing. This project is just in the idea stage at the moment but discussions so far have been really positive and it should be an interesting and exciting project.

The other project that I’m involved with and is literally just getting started is a project working with Culture 24 to carry out different digital engagement experiments. Myself and a colleague together with the other project partners from museums around the North West attended a workshop in Warrington on Wednesday to learn more about digital engagement and the different platforms that you can use and, more importantly, why we should engage audiences digitally. This workshop was the start of a 12 month project that will involve mentoring by Culture 24 staff and allows us the opportunity to test out new ideas and, in the words of Culture 24, ‘fail forwards’! It was a very long but interesting day and it definitely provided a lot of food for thought.

I thought I’d finish this post with a picture of a mounted rabbit head – not sure why but it’s the best picture I have of the collection so far!

Nicola Euston

Museum Manager


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