Empower our flowers ❀

Empower our flowers ❀

The Atkinson has many wonderful treasures in its collection. Sometimes we would never have the chance to see something because it’s too fragile to be placed on public display. This is the case with one very special item – a stunning antique hand-embroidered Chinese skirt.

At least over one hundred years old, the skirt shows a vivid array of flowers such as plum blossoms (梅花), representing the value of endurance, and peonies (牡丹), symbolising riches, prosperity and honour. It is a breathtaking example of the skill of free-hand embroidery and would have been an impressive sign of high social status for the wearer.

The Atkinson Development Trust, a charity that supports the work of The Atkinson have set their hearts on getting this piece restored, so that it can be displayed for the very first time.

We want it to be part of the forthcoming Cross Pollination exhibition at The Atkinson this summer. They need to raise funds for the item to be brought back to its full glory, and we’ve just launched an online fundraising campaign.

After the exhibition, the garment will be available for study giving a lasting legacy to your contribution for generations to come.
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Posted on 23 April 2019 under Atkinson Development Trust, Exhibitions

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