Happy Museum

Happy Museum

Written by Stephen Whittle, Principal Manager, Museum, Gallery & Operations

My first visit to a Happy Museum event on Thursday was brilliant. The Atkinson has just become an affiliate of the Happy Museum, which exists to promote wellbeing and sustainability. The event was specifically about co-production, giving our communities the tools and the confidence to co-curate exhibitions and museum displays.

What that means in practise is infinitely varied. Have a look at newcomers 64 Million Artists’ web site inviting everyone in the country to contribute something here or the campaigning work of another fairly new organisation The Museum of Homelessness. 

At the same time there were many museum services including long established organisations like the National Trust and Manchester Museum. What everyone had in common was an outward looking focus on creating a healthy, fairer society and encouraging communities to play a part in telling their own stories. I came away with loads of ideas and enthusiasm.

You can find out more about the Happy Musuem on their website.


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Posted on 15 January 2018 under Museum

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