Independent Project Blog – Tom Rodgers

Independent Project Blog – Tom Rodgers

As part of my placement, I was tasked with enticing a new audience into the museum sector, using the heritage we have here as a starting point. I had to do this with a specific budget provided by The British Museum.

The target audience I chose was 16-25 year old people from Bootle. I primarily focused on young people who were unemployed, but I also made it free for young people with a passion for arts to attend.

The event was a full day arts and craft workshop at Bootle Town Hall; it took place on the 4 August. We used items in our collection from Bootle & Southport to act as inspiration for the art work. The items included a moustache mug from the Victorian times, as well as toy fighter planes and patterned iron pressers.

I hired experienced art workshop facilitator Kate Bufton to lead the session, using the ‘Ballroom’ in Bootle Town Hall as the location – a picturesque venue!

I chose Bootle because this is an area with high levels of unemployment when compared to Southport, but both areas are in the Sefton borough. I was trying to reach out to these areas and offer them something which could enhance their creative side using unique museum heritage, as well as a day of enjoyment.

Some of the finished pieces of art work:

Feature image is a selection of the heritage chosen.

Posted on 17 August 2017 under Museum

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