Look what’s around you: Encountering the Unexpected!

Look what’s around you: Encountering the Unexpected!

Working in partnership with the University of Leicester we have just started an experiment called Look What’s Around You: Encountering the Unexpected! It involves working with a group of eager participants to observe nature around them, enabling them to connect with it and think about how it makes them feel which will lead to a creative writing project which will be exhibited on our new museum landing along with wildlife photography. Joanne from Lancashire Wildlife Trust delivered the first session using her expertise and our collections to advise the participants on the different types of birds and wildlife to be spotted in the local area.

The group had fun looking at The Atkinson’s taxidermy collection, some of our Bessie Downes watercolours, ceramics collection and works by Muriel Sibley.

The group discussed the differences between collecting Natural History in the Victorian era compared to how we view collecting and nature today. The project is about improving connection with natures and the group were tasked with filling small plastic boxes with items of nature they find interesting or unexpected for the next session, we can’t wait to see what they bring!

Photo by Dr Luke Blazejewski

Posted on 25 July 2017 under Museum

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