Santa Saves Christmas – Review

Santa Saves Christmas – Review

I had two rather excited children on Saturday morning, as well as it being the countdown to Christmas (every day I am told how many days left until Christmas Eve) my daughter and her friend were jumping up and down in excitment as we were off to see Santa Saves Christmas at The Atkinson.

It has become a family tradition to come and see a Christmas show at The Atkinson. The family shows are just over an hour long, just about the right length of time to keep the kids entertained! We stocked up on sweets, drinks and a couple of light-up toys on the way into the Theatre.

Although our seats were near the back, we had an excellent view, and the kids waited in anticipation for the show to start. Honalee Media, the company behind the show are truly wonderful and the snowy stage looked suitably festive. The show began with Fairy Flossy who danced and sang through a couple of Christmas classics. All the kids joined in and were up singing, dancing and clapping. The Theatre fell silent for the entrance of Santa Claus, and we all enjoyed watching him sprinkling his magic to save Christmas from being cancelled!!

After the show all the kids queued up to wait patiently for a chance to meet Santa, and each child received an age appropriate gift wrapped toy. All in all a wonderful show and we will be back next year!

As an extra treat on the way out we managed to get a photo taken in the X – Wing, all part of the May the Toys Be With You exhibition. I did get asked on the way out, can we come and see The Bear in January please Mummy?

Photo in the X- Wing:








Review by Vicki Rutland

Posted on 12 December 2016 under Review

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