When the Tide Comes In – Update

When the Tide Comes In – Update

Our next workshop for the ‘When the Tide Comes In’ project was all about storyboarding and thinking about the structure of the animation.We started off by looking at the space where the finished piece will be displayed and at the other projects that are going to be presented around it to ensure that our piece will fit in with the overall theme and to give us an idea of the size of space we need to fill.

We then looked at some of our taxidermy collection of birds that live in Sefton Coast, these included sanderlings, scaup and razorbill. This gave us a chance to see these birds up close and think about what wildlife we want to include in the animation.

The group began drawing the different scenes that could feature within the animation. Suggestions of scenes included a dream sequence of the statues going on holiday, and an underwater sequence where the Iron Men encounter underwater marine life such as sharks, seals and tropical fish.

Each participant then either drew themselves or created themselves out of modelling clay to use in an introduction scene, where each participant will introduce themselves to the viewer.

The rest of the session was lots of fun as the group created scenes and characters to feature in the animation using various art materials.

The final session at The Atkinson focused on stop motion animation. We filmed the scenes and characters the group had created in the previous session and explored different stop motion animation techniques.


The group really engaged as they filmed with sand and also captured everyone’s drawings of different characters and scenes ready to send to Fuzzy Duck for final editing.

The finished piece is now available to see on our second floor outside the museum.

Blog written by Pippa Courtley, Programme Support Assistant


Posted on 27 February 2018 under Animation, Museum

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