Curator’s Blog – Rediscovering Our Collections

Curator’s Blog – Rediscovering Our Collections

Friday 2 September 2016

It’s been a busy couple of weeks! I’ve finally completed the condition survey of all of our works on paper with the works on paper conservator so I now have a mountain (literally!) of filing to sort out and data inputting – I think a bit of volunteer help might be required for this job! Completing the condition survey is a massive milestone in the project and now that the works are being digitised it means that we will have a complete record of exactly what we have in the collection, which is brilliant. It’s going to take a lot of time to input all of the data that has been captured but for now I’m feeling rather pleased with myself for completing it!

The watercolour exhibition, Tinted Steam and Liquid Light, has been open for two weeks and it is receiving some really good feedback from visitors. The works are stunning and the way they have been grouped together is really effective. The Pen Friend we have in the gallery is also receiving lots of positive feedback. The Pen Friend is free to borrow and it enables visitors to listen to audio descriptions of the works as well as audio copies of the labels. We trialled this system with the First Ladies exhibition and it was popular with visitors with that show but it really seems to have taken off with this exhibition, which is great.

This week I’ve been busy installing the latest Landing Gallery show. The artists we are featuring now are Malcolm Fryer and Ian Norris, who are both local artists. All of the work except one is for sale and it is all really high quality original artwork. Hopefully we will make a few sales, which would be nice! The one work that isn’t for sale is actually a work that the Atkinson Art Gallery (our old name before the refurbishment) bought from Malcolm Fryer in 1974 entitled ‘Beyond Auchmithie’ (as pictured)


Nicola Euston (Museum Manager)


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